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EyeDetect™ Services

Hire Honest People

In a world of ever-increasing illegal narcotics, theft, fraud and deception, it’s vital to use a cost-effective and simple way to screen job applicants and validate honesty for employees applying in positions of public service. Establishing and maintaining an organization’s culture of trust and integrity starts with hiring honest people, and instills public confidence in our taxpayer-funded agencies. Integrity is one of the most sought-after qualities, not only in individual employees, but also in organizations.

The Eyes Don’t Lie

Our science team spent more than a decade perfecting a new, non-intrusive lie detection solution called EyeDetect. These leading polygraph experts concluded that within the eyes, “lies” the truth. Perhaps that’s why the eye is often referred to as “the window to the soul.” Instead of recording a person’s emotional and physiological responses to a polygraph test, EyeDetect objectively monitors subtle changes in eye behavior to reveal deception.

Cut Costs

Agencies that proactively screen by using due diligence methods and “successive hurdles” enjoy benefits such as cutting turnover, reducing dollars spent on a protracted hiring process. “Successive hurdles” are the various steps, or checkpoints that an agency uses to advance an applicant from the application/resume stage to the hiring and “on boarding” stage. An applicant who completes all “successive hurdles” is ready to begin working with their respective agency’s training officer. We now can help agencies avoid bad publicity from bad hiring mistakes, while recruiting and retaining highly principled employees. Employee morale is improved and community respect is gained by knowing that the workforce has been carefully assembled.

Fast & Accurate

In clinical trials, EyeDetect classified deceptive subjects with 85 percent accuracy in just 30 to 40 minutes. This is the world’s first lie detector test that can accurately monitor eye behavior to detect deception, when used with polygraph, accuracy increases to 98%.

Find the Truth

EyeDetect can be used in conjunction with the polygraph or as an alternative in appropriate applications. With EyeDetect, a person simply answers a series of true and false questions on a computer. It’s the ideal technology to successfully see truth and combat theft and fraud.