About Our Services

Lie Detection Services



  • Civil Disputes
  • Pre-Employment Testing
  • For Government or Corporate
  • Personal 
  • Domestic
  • Police Related Matters
  • Legal Matters
  • Clinical Sex Offender 
  • Sexual Addiction 
  • Loss Control
  • P.A.S.S III - D.A.T.A Survey
  • Scientific
  • Juvenile

Our services are also available for independent assessments of polygraph examinations that are administered by other polygraphists.  This ensures that our examinations are conducted, prepared and documented according to professional standards.     

Sexual Treatment & Monitoring Programs



  • Clark-Dye & Associates specializes in sexual disclosure confirmations and post follow-up examinations.  
  • We offer polygraph clinical sex offender treatment and monitoring programs.

We have years of experience to attest to our expertise in the matter.  Give us a call today for more information.   

Government Testing



Offering pre-employment polygraphs for government, we can verify personal histories and meet government regulations for employment.  

We have been a trusted source for lie detection services and polygraphs for over 3 decades.   Our services are fully reliable and time-tested. Contact us in Blue Ash for lie detection services.   

Domestic Testing



When it comes to personal matters, often times it is necessary to pursue a more solid and fool-proof method to get at the truth of a situation.  Discover when someone is lying or responding inner compulsion as in cases of sexual addiction or infidelity.  

Let us help you to uncover the subtleties inherent in such cases.